What Is a LifeRoom?

A LifeRoom helps you make the most of everything your home should be. A home is, ideally, a place of comfort and relaxation. Adding a LifeRoom to your Northern VA home by enclosing a porch or patio allows you to enjoy nature in a new way. Your new LifeRoom home addition is created with glass walls and ceilings, windows and screens, or a combination of these elements. You can customize your LifeRoom with unique lighting options, custom shutters, arched glass eaves –and much more. With a LifeRoom, you, your family and friends can live an indoor-outdoor lifestyle in complete comfort year-round.

Expand Your Home’s Options with a LifeRoom

At Stoneridge Outdoor Living, we specialize in creating your perfect LifeRoom. We ensure that your new home addition’s design has all the qualities and features you’re seeking. Then we meticulously construct it with superior craftsmanship to add value to your home and transform your at-home lifestyle. Our projects are always completed on a short timeline, so you can begin enjoying your LifeRoom right away.

How We Customize Your LifeRoom: Popular Features

Your life isn’t like anyone else’s, so your LifeRoom must also be unique. Available atmospheric and comfort features can allow you to:

  • Enjoy mid-summer comfort with cool mist temperature control or soft breeze technology to dry and cool the air.
  • Create the right mood with adjustable lighting options.
  • Increase privacy or open up the view, on demand, with remote control blinds.
  • Let outdoor sounds and breeze in (or shut out inclement weather, as needed) by adjusting expansive glass windows and/or screens.
  • Keep out insects and allergens and gain significant protection from the sun’s harmful UV radiation, even if you opt for LifeRoom motorized screens only.
  • Adjust your environment conveniently from your seat, as most features are operated via remote control and move into place silently at your command.
  • Comply with HOA guidelines and construction guidelines, if any.
  • And more!

Creative Ways to Use Your New LifeRoom

  • Enjoy outdoor views and landscaping in complete comfort, nearly any time of year.
  • Entertain guests and celebrate with nature all around.
  • Watch a rainstorm from your LifeRoom.
  • Eat breakfast in a lovely, quiet setting before starting your day.
  • Take a break and read a good book in your favorite chair.
  • Let indoor pets enjoy fresh air and a natural setting.
  • Play board games with the family or even screen a movie.
  • Have a romantic dinner with someone special.

LifeRoom Design & Construction in VA, WV & MD

Stoneridge Outdoor Living is your local LifeRoom specialist. Our team has constructed LifeRooms throughout Virginia, DC, and Maryland for over a decade. Ready to make your home unique and increase its value with a LifeRoom home addition? Contact Stoneridge Outdoor Living online or call 877-309-8445 today!