How to Enjoy Your Sunroom in the Winter

Do you think of your sunroom as a “summer only” room? At Stoneridge Outdoor Living, we believe your sunroom should be used and enjoyed all year long, and that includes in the winter. Imagine being inside your sunroom, warm and dry, but surrounded by the falling snow outside! In order to make this a reality, you will need to figure out how to keep it warm. Here are some practical tips that can help.

Enjoy Cozy Family Fun All Winter Long

Your sunroom should be a room you can enjoy no matter the season. With proper insulation and attention, you can cozy up with your family, sipping hot chocolate, and enjoying the cold weather from a warm sunroom. As the snow falls around you, you will be warm and cozy inside.

Tackle the Windows to Keep the Room Warm

In the winter, sunlight streaming through your windows should help warm up the space a little. However, leaks and gaps in the window can make it a drafty, cold space. Here are some practical tips to help warm things up:

  • Ensure the window frames are properly sealed. Weather-stripping or clear caulk around the windows will ensure they aren’t drafty. If you need help sealing them up, reach out to Stoneridge Outdoor Living.
  • Add insulating film to the windows. Clear plastic insulating film can add a layer of protection against drafts. If you have single-pane glass on your sunroom, this will be a very helpful addition.
  • Use insulated drapes. Cover the windows with insulated drapes at night. This will lock in some of the heated air, while still giving you the freedom to open the windows and enjoy sunlight when you’re using the room.
  • Consider window re-glazing. If your windows are single-pane windows, Stoneridge Outdoor Living offers window re-glazing services that will make your windows more efficient, lessening drafts significantly.

Make the Sunroom a Cozy Winter Retreat

In addition to tackling the windows, there are additional things you can do to make the sunroom warm and comfortable. Consider these ideas:

  • Install a ceiling fan. Warm air rises and will rise to the top of your sunroom. Install a ceiling fan that can push the warm air down into the room and keep things circulating.
  • Add warm furnishings. In the winter, throw blankets and pillows create a feeling of warmth and coziness. This can make your sunroom a welcome retreat in your home.
  • Insulate exterior walls. If your sunroom has walls that are not windows, make sure they’re properly insulated. This will add another layer of warmth to the space.

If you don’t have a sunroom or need professional help to ensure yours stays warm this winter, contact Stoneridge Outdoor Living today. You can call us at 877-309-8445.