How to Enjoy Your Sunroom in the Fall

When you think of a sunroom, you surely imagine spending summers basking in the long days and short nights. However, here at Stoneridge Outdoor Living, we believe that autumn is also one of the best seasons to enjoy a sunroom. The changing leaves and the early sunsets make for a colorful sunroom experience through the chill of winter! Thinking about building a sunroom or repairing the one you already have? Stoneridge Outdoor Living can help! Call 877-309-8445 or contact us online to find out more!

Enjoy Crisp Weather, Starry Skies & Colorful Leaves in Your Sunroom

Here in the Richmond and DC areas, we have lots of mild days during fall. With evenings in the 40-degree range, you can still spend time in your sunroom. The more full-featured your all-season (or 3-season) room is, however, the simpler arranging autumn viewing parties can be. With sunroom climate-control, insulated glass walls, and high tech adjustable lighting, sunroom time can feel just like living room time–with a much better view and ambiance. Even if your sunroom is simply an enclosed porch, just throw on a jacket and bring a cup of hot chocolate or eggnog to warm your hands, and enjoy your sunroom space almost anytime.

Decorate with Fall Warmth & Texture

  • Add warm, cushy fall decor: Use warm autumn colors (orange, yellow, red, chestnut brown, etc.) as sunroom decor this season. Add upholstered furniture and a cozy rug for a comfy experience. Decorative pillows and enveloping throws also help take your sunroom into the fall.
  • Consider using wicker chairs: If your sunroom is only screened-in, these can be cozy and weather-resistant when you add outdoor cushions, all-weather end tables and outdoor rugs.
  • Use warm visual cues of the season: Pumpkins look right at home in fall sunrooms, as do bright, easy-care mums in vases or baskets. You can also incorporate acorns, fall leaves, and dried corn for rustic, homey texture.
  • Add faux candles and lantern lighting: Use more and brighter lighting for a party vibe and lower lights for relaxing or romantic evenings under the stars in your fall sunroom.

Host Holiday Parties, Enjoy Family Bonding & Make Alone-Time Amazing

  • Let your holiday-specific decorating creativity run wild: Your sunroom is a great place to celebrate any and every holiday, giving you a large space to hang decor for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, or New Year’s. Holiday entertaining is extra special with a nearly 360-degree view that makes you and your guests feel joyous.
  • Transform into Thanksgiving dining space: Bring out a dining table and chairs (moving other sunroom furniture away or stowing in the basement temporarily). You can serve formally, or have guests fill their plates from a buffet-style spread on side tables or in the kitchen before coming out. This also works for non-holiday family dinners!
  • Sing carols: Instead of walking the neighborhood, warm your hearts by singing together in your 3-season room while the stars are out. Not in the mood for a party? This makes a nice family evening activity you can do together anytime, with or without a holiday theme. Guitars and harmonicas also welcome.
  • Watch a heart-warming movie or read a page-turner: With family, your partner, or by yourself, especially in the evening, your 3-season room makes for a cozy, memorable venue to get drawn into a moving story.

If you don’t yet have a sunroom or need a remodel to increase your indoor/outdoor living comfort, contact Stoneridge Outdoor Living today.